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January 28, 2009


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not quite the same, but quite lovely! looks amazing. i wish there was more time in the day to get all of these projects done! love it love it. x


i think it looks amazing, great job :)


wow thats so cool! both the tshirt and the shoes.. i want them! :D


i've figured out the shredding thing but mine NEVER come out as neat as hers, i think i make the panels too big...

where did you get the studs? i really like the converse like that!

Amy Williams

Your top looks amazing, love the studs..!


yeah, shredding definitely takes some practice (getting started is the hardest part), but your DIY shirt turned out really well! love the studs!

Lola Re

Hehe everyone is being inspired by movies! I just did a post yesterday on the teenagers from ET! :P <3, Lola Re


Ah...loved camille's handiwork. I started on a t-shirt end of November, was pleased with the results thus far, and haven't picked it up since, so it hasn't been completed, so this post reminds me to finish what I started :)

PS. LOVED the fashion in Matrix! I even bought a collarless leather coat 'a la Neo' at the time, haha!


i think the studs are pretty. it makes your version even more unique than the rest of the shredded tees there ever was:) yes, i agree, keanu's trench is cool... so are his boots haha! you and jane remind me of me and my mom. we both love fashion too. everytime the monthly neiman's book arrives in her mailbox, both of us will be found huddled next to each other on her bed studying the catalog that one would think we were so engrossed in some deep fictional piece of literature haha. but i do enjoy those moments with her:) as i had commented on jane's blog, you totally rock:)


I am in love!


good job, judy and nice model. :)


so cool, looks like you used a bedazzler! i love the safety pinned neck too! xx


great result, looks great!


Judy, i just discovered your blog through jane's link(im a huge fan!). i LOVE it. you have such amazing style and such impeccable taste.

really, id kill to be an Aldridge. hahaha.

Noelle Chantal

oh wow your version is a more interesting piece than the others. beautifully done. slashing with studs! very original. you and jane are really creative. :)


you and your girls are very talented...keep it up!


Judy, you should stud one of your white pieces of furniture! Seriously!


It's such a cool movie, and my bf's now mad at me cause I won't watch it with him Again...

juliet xxx


I love the shredding. Where is her tutorial?


Yes, Keanu is a fine looking man in trench.. but you DIY shirt is awesome!


great job on the t-shirt! maybe the t-shirt used had a larger perecent of elasticity/lycra.I love how it turned out!I would totally buy it :O)
Marian x


Love your version....I couldn't find the tutorial on her blog. Am I blind? Would love a direct link if possible. I also posted a DIY you might like on my blog.

Prêt-à-Porter P

ive been thinking about rewatching the matrix, but really for monica bellucci-esque reasons.


ok you are officially amazing, the coolest mom alive.


i love your blog, and your daughter's as well

where can i learn to shred my own tees?


please please please please post a link to her tutorial video. i despretely want a shredded shirt but i haven't the slightest idea on how to make one.

yours is extremely cool, too, by the way.


I love your blog! But I have to let you know that Matrix is not steampunk. Steampunk is brass and brown leather, movies like Howl's Moving Castle and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Matrix is CYBER-punk. Computers, black clothing, weird sunglasses. William Gibson novels. Just so you know. ;)


I am seriously in love with that shirt.


Did you use a bedazzler for the studs?


Im so in love w/ the studed sneakers! Can you do another post about how to make them, please? Seriously!

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Keanu's attire here was really a fashion trendy and a lot of people admire this one. Lot of people too bought and follow this style.


wow i am simply in mad love with this tee shirt...i wish i could do that-but ive tried shredding and well, i just suck.

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Matrix - one of the best movie ever. You - one of the most original shirts ever :) Period!

Jonathan O.

Interesting movie The Matrix , for some it's quite inspiring.

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I wish there was more time in the day to see all of these projects done.


you have a big amount of imagination :) , good job on the tee

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I just love that style...a little rebellious but still has a lot of taste !

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Nice! My favorite movie!

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1ive been thinking about rewatching the matrix, but really for monica bellucci-esque reasons.2


As a fan of steampunk I have to point out that the style of the Matrix (not to mention the movie itself) is the definition of CYBERpunk... the exact opposite of steam punk... steam punk is a style that combines victorian elements with stuff such as clockwork gears, copper pipes, the elements of steam driven technology. Cyberpunk is a style characterized my futuristic looking clothing usually assosciated with a dystopian future in which machines are an integral part of our lives. Thius lots of patent, vinyl, shiny clothes. But anyways... LOVE THE SHIRT!


Amazing job on the shirt. I love the pins on the neckline. And by the way there's no such thing as too much studs. Or glitters. Or sequins.

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