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March 12, 2009


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Can't wait to see how your bedroom looks! I love beautiful interiors yet I don't think I'm very good at interior design - maybe seeing all the lovely pics you post will inspire me!

arline Jernigan

That is a great room, and I love that blog too.


Oooo! Those polished concrete floors are divine! I wonder how to get that effect...


Hi Judy- Thought this might be of interest.
www.clicgallery.com The artist Alfons Alt
uses the octopus in some photos.
Thank you for the great content.

judy  Aldridge

To Beth: I visited the site. Those photos are incredible. I watched the short film of how he makes them too....really cool. I wonder if one could actually ever afford one of his prints? Oh well, I guess I can dream. Really lovely, thanks for posting that!


Your welcome... I am on my way there either today or tomorrow. I will let you know.
I thought the Wolgang Ludes Silver Moon
was just beautiful.


cosy bedroom!


i love the fur throws and rugs. i do worry about cleaning them though. do you have any tips? i know you have lots of these touches in your own house.


I totally LOVE desire to inspire. I'm addicted.

The Little Fashion Treasury

Oh, yes... this bed room is so amazing, my interior looks completely different but it´s so very inspirering... also the sushi picture ;)


Hehe, the sushi is really funny!
The room looks very chique!

Sarah Klassen/Haute Design

I just love concrete floors...the floor in this image is identical to my own, surprisingly! Love the rich, warm colors and the use of extreme textures to make the bedroom feel serene and comforting...


Hey Judy, this is off-topic but I know you used to be a model...would you mind showing us some of your pictures? I understand if you don't want to, seeing how it was the past...but I'd really appreciate it if you did!


fantastic ... what style and sophistication! Especially beautiful is the website from which you draw the picture, so I added it amoung my favorites

Canvas Printing

Who wouldn't want to sleep in that room? That is amazing! I love the floor, the rug, the lighting, and of course that bed!

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I totally LOVE desire to inspire. I'm addicted.

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polished concrete flooring

What a style?! Wow..Very elegant and nice to see. Looking to it seems like the place a has a warm temperature.
Your floor is very attractive aside from your bed, keep it up! ---polished concrete flooring

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