January 12, 2010


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Sandra Hoj

Oh, thank you for sharing this. And if you find out what the hands are made of and if they go into production, do tell. Congratulations on the amazing boots.

:-) Sandra


i'm wondering what the hands are made of too..they almost look ceramic but that would be ridiculous


oh man! the hands kind of scare me for some reason! pretty creative though.

awesome boots! can't wait to see more pics of them.



Wow, the hands look so cool! Love the boots, too. :)


Oh, WOW! Those boots are incredible, I'm glad you could find a pair :)


The hands remind me of the CDG piece that Jane has.

I can't wait to see your closet post.


im just wondering what camera u and jane use. im sure you've mentioned this sometime before, but if u could mention it again, id really appreciate. i think the pictures u guys take are so beautiful. thank u


Arline--I have not forgotten. I will shoot my closet as promised. ;) It may not be before we leave for LA.

Jane and I use a Nikon D90.....

thanks everyone!


Am I the only one getting excited about the crazy farmer's tan-esque legs going on?


What's so interesting about the hands (to me), is that from afar, you don't notice them. You just see a pretty dress or jacket with lovely draping, but when you get up close to it - pow! What a conversation piece :)


WOW I love the dresses !


such an amazing boots. :)

bye, densy


I'm a fan of Hussein as well! Great photos, love those boots!



oh wow, those hands are incredible!!

Prêt-à-Porter P

Those hands really take you by surprise. Bizarre, but well executed. Reminds me of The Others for some reason.

Pearl Westwood

Fab boots Judy! I love those hand shirts, remind me of the ones C de G did a while back, I really hope they go into production too!

Nancy (nanflan)

Dayum Judy, those boots are incredible. I think the hand clothing is very cool too.

The Bambina

The hands blow my mind! Just... wow!

maya smith

those hands are so cool and the boots are amazing
i would kill too have a pair but I'm wondering, do they make a style without the heel?


I die for those boots!


Lovely boots, Judy! And congrats on your Style.com piece on the trench...looking forward to it's release :)


Love the thigh high trend— liked the ones Prada and Rodarte did this Fall, too. With the frozen tundra that is NYC right now, covering my entire leg in leather seems like a brilliant idea. I'd choose higher boots over a longer coat any day! Can't wait to see more photos, Judy!

Maya, Prada did a similar boot for Fall 09 with a lug heel that's not high. : )

- Catherine at Littlehouse of Style


Those are so hot!! Why don't I see your Givenchys more HMM?? :pp


The hands remind me of Korean horror movies, except in said movies some sort of demented child being would have emerged....
great conversation starter!


<3 Nice!! I love those pieces with the hands... so creepy/sexy/amazing!



AMAZING boots! Can't wait to see you style 'em! Love the hands on the Chalayan white pieces too! I hadn't seen the close-ups until today, can't believe I didn't notice them before!


I tried the translator as it always pops up when I open your blog. Let me tell you, at least the Finnish translation was hilarious! But anyways, the boots are amazing!

juliet xxx


hmmm...despite being a total boot fetish hag, I can''t like the boots. The weird arch at the top of the foot really throws me off. I love the Ann D weird ass talon heal shape...Im ok with clunky platform toes- and many other non-sexy boot and shoe shapes...but this detail really throws me off. I want to love this boot because the leather is so fucking WONDERFUL but....ack. the delicateness of the heal...combined with the weird ass shape of the foot? I dont know.

I wish people would explain to me why this appeals to them...because as a boot lover, I am upset with myself.


I love the hands though! amazing take on the CDG stuff!

They remind me of a scene from Rose-Red (based on the stephen king novel.)


This idea with hands are amazing!


The Chalayan boots are wonderful! Great purchase!



those boots are hot, but its the hands I can't get enough of.


Oh, those boots are perfect! Heavens. And the hands are really modern and very evocative. I'm in love with this!



the high boots are gorgeous...and clothes with hands too...


So jealous of your boots! Where did you manage to find them? If you got them at a reduced price I'm going to be even more jealous! :)


Oh my God, those boots are stupendous!

I love the hands clinching on to the shirts as well, so quirky.


OH MY GOD. gorgeous!!! they look FABULOUS styled like that with the fur :)

heather clark

i love the movement of all the clothes...those hands are creepy yet amazing!


love everything by Hussein Chalayan. i wish he had more recognition in fashion


Those hand-dresses would make the perfect wedding dresses.


The hands frighten me a little!


ALI--since you asked, I like that these boots look exaggerated like a comic book character's boots--the flared top, the tight calf, the heel that almost looks like a wine glass stem. so many shoes are in good taste and boring to me--most loubs and manolos for example. these are memorable. I like a little "bad taste" in shoes like some of the crazy mmm or ann d stuff. for ex I like the chunky ann 3 triple-lace ankle boot with the spike heel--the "wrong" proportion is what makes it good for me. so--that's why these appeal to me!


Those dresses with the hands are "hands down" amazing....pun intentened. Love, love, love them. they are so unexpexcted.


hands are amasing . i found out that they are ceramics!

"Surrealism came into play upon noticing ceramic fists enclosed around sections of silk, Grecian dresses which draped gently as the models promenaded hautily down the runway. This is perhaps more akin to the sculptural dynamics we are used to seeing from a Hussein Chalayan collection. So too were the voluminous, sharply-pleated, metallic, midnight-blue neck pieces, which meandered down onto the chest or hip of a bandeau top or dress. These sinuous forms reflected the lights above the catwalk, resembling softly rippling water, illuminated by moonlight."


awww love those hands!
Hussein Chalayan is always good!!so humane.

Pearl Westwood

Hi Judy, Hanh of Life in Travel passed on the glamorous blog award to me, so I would like to pass it on to you, I really love your blog and your outfits are alway very glam, Pearl x


Such a smart idea to attach garters to loose thigh high boots. I have a pair of OTK boots and they're forever sliding down and it feels unsecure.

Love Chalayan and those boots are amazing on you!

Marianna Cano

hey, you and your daughter will love the jewelry! check it out ...

Canon Digital Cameras

Great fashion collection for fall 09. Must be really expensive.


not too crazy about these boots.

Gift Registry

Don't know what's new in the fashion world these days but still my girlfriend has me in a trance because of the clothes that she wears that makes her look got in my eyes.

Faux Fuchsia

Dear Judy,
I'm a long time reader, 1st time poster. I like boots but I live in Australia-it is boiling hot here at the the moment, so boots are out. I hope you visit here soon-you have a large fan base, and we'd love to see what you'd wear in the heat and humidity (these conditions can wreak havoc with Glamour-trust me. I know). Where would you wear these boots? Are they Special Event or more Casual? FF xxxx


the hands are icky. the boots would be useful in a flood if you put gaffa tape across the top to keep the sewagey water out. It rains a lot here.

alex*strawberry lemonade girl

Oh those hands....wow!!! I've never seen those pieces before, truly stunning. In a creepy good kind of way!


super cool!

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I think the pictures u guys take are so beautiful...... thank u

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Not a massive fan of the boots but do like the skirt.

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The scarf looks great. I have been making okay progress on my first scarf (crochet). When I work on it I get a lot done, but then I forget to work on it for days. I'd better get cracking or it will be summer and too warm to wear it! And that's a great movie list, I've seen most of them, but it's time to watch them again.


Arline--I have not forgotten. I will shoot my closet as promised. ;) It may not be before we leave for LA. http://findmediafire.com

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where did u find the bird, does it not on the tree?

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